Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Xocolate Bar

@ Solano Stroll

Hm...I'm not a fan of eating fancy edible art like SOME of the stuff they had here. They use special mix-ins that produce what look like gold and silver. Grosses me out. I hate those little edible decorative silver balls people use on some cakes and stuff too (I dunno if they had that here though). NASTY. Anyways, apparently I didn't take pics of the cool things they made at this place. The artwork was cool; I just wouldn't eat it. The little chocolate things looked good enough to eat though!

I WAS a fan of their drinking chocolate though! Soo rich and chocolatey. They were giving away free samples. The lady said they don't add sugar, but it was sweet so maybe she was saying they didn't add sugar to the already-sweetened chocolate this is made of. ::shrugs:: Anyways, it wasn't chocolate milk. The girl looks a little confused.

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