Monday, June 29, 2009

Banana Pudding

Made 5/17/09

Found the recipe on this video. Pretty easy. I always get nervous making puddings and custards because I always think my egg will cook and get chunky, but this turned out okay...I think! Haha. I gave most of it to my fellow Psi Chi officer, Amie S., because she did a huge favor for me, and Mina Y. and I shared the rest. I thought it was good, but I'd make it with fewer wafers next time. I was supposed to top this with meringue, but I didn't.

Cream Puffs & Cannolis

Mrs. Takahashi made cream puffs and cannolis. My parents and I aren't really fans of cannolis--even when they're properly made with the ricotta cheese filling. We've had homemade ones and different kinds from Mike's Pastry in Boston, which is supposedly where they make the best ones in...the U.S.? Or Boston? ::shrugs:: It's not nasty, and I thought Katie F's were pretty good; it's just not my kinda dessert.

Frog Leg

Tang Dynasty
2066 W Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA 93711-3403

Doesn't taste good. Still tastes like a fishy chicken to me...except this wasn't as tender as chicken.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tarts, Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, Eclairs, & Lemon Bars

Oh no...I didn't write down from where some people got these, but it's somewhere on Champlain in Fresno. I thought the tarts were good, and my mom didn't complain about the chocolate-dipped strawberries. I think the little tarts are cute.

Eclairs and lemon bars!:

Time For Thai

Time For Thai
1187 N Willow Ave
Clovis, CA 93611-4411
Yelp ratings here


Pad see ew on the left, larb on the bottom middle, and red panang curry on the right (Thanks, Gail, for reminding me what we ate in your comment). Ate with Gail and Jenny before we had boba. The food was really good, but the pad si-ew (pad see ew? I see both spellings all the I used both here haha) wasn't so great compared to those at other restaurants.

Thai Slush + Boba

Pearl Tea House
2633 E. Shaw Avenue
Fresno, CA 93710
Website here
Yelp ratings here


Had these after we ate at Time For Thai. Used to be my favorite boba place. Probably still is...when that witchy woman isn't there (the older one who argues with you if you say she got your order wrong).

Jenny's almond slush with mango jelly, my Thai slush with boba, and Gail's green apple slush.
* Thanks to Jenny & Gail for the corrections* :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day '09 Desserts

Auntie Jill's strawberry/blackberry/blueberry pizza:

My pumpkin apple muffins (will add recipe to baking blog soon):

BJ's For Jenny's Late Bday Celebration


BJ's Restaurant & Brewery
715 E Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA 93710-7705

Website here

My open-faced meatloaf sandwich (they just piled the mashed potatoes and onion rings on top; there is bread on the bottom):

Haha...looks like Helly Kitty (th:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pea Soup Andersen's


My parents and brother liked going to Pea Soup Andersen's on the way home from visiting me in Berkeley. This time, when I moved back home, I was finally able to try this place. Yumm! Pea soup looks disgusting, but I think it tastes good. Here's what I ordered (I was tempted to choose the milkshake option, but I decided to be healthy and got an iced tea):

The bread rolls were good!:

The famous pea soup (bottomless, by the way):

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cinnamon Pecan Raisin Walnut Bread many things in this bread. Sorry...I can't read what company makes this. Looks like "Ceradell Bread Baking Co." ::sigh:: Oh well. It was good! I love pecans, raisins, and cinnamon. And sometimes walnuts.

Crixa Cakes's Poppyseed Rugelach & Tiramisu

Crixa Cakes website. Apparently "crixa" is the lapin name for "crossroads." No--"lapin" was not a typo. Read the full explanation here.

Oh NO! How did this picture come out so blurry? This might have been the time my lens was smudged. Or it could just be another exemplar of my terrible photography skills.

Anyway, Steve and I shared these (poppyseed rugelach & tiramisu):

They also have a "Soprano Tiramisu," which has a layer of dark chocolate mousse.

Here are links to my other posts on Crixa Cakes deliciousness:

* Flourless chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, etc.
* Krendel
* Bread pudding & lemon cream cake

Cheeseboard's Spelt Bread


Sorry the lighting's inconsistent. They really are all pics of the same bread. Hmm...I liked this bread, but it was a little dry, which might be what this kind of bread is supposed to be like. I did like the chunks of ... nuts?

Better Zachary's Pizza Pictures

Went to Zachary's with Steve after getting rejected from Amity on 4/18/09. Food really does help me cope with things (not always a good thing). Friends are probably healthier and more reliable sources of comfort. Anyway, this was a good ending to a sad, stressful day. Haha! Here is my last Zachary's post (there are pics of when I ate at this same Zachary's location on Solano Ave. with Alex and when I got a free slice during Welcome Week @ Cal)

More Pumpkin Curry


After APU's last Professor Dinner, I decided to go to Thai Noodle (well, technically I went to Thai Noodle II--not the same one from which APU ordered) and get that pumpkin curry. It really is that good. The chunks of pumpkin are sooo wonderful.

Smart Alec's Sesame Chicken Salad

(2 days before my thesis was due...I was probably freaking out that day)

I love this place (menu & more info here). Here are my other posts on this place:

* Garden Delight Salad
* Half Soup + Half Salad + Cornbread Combo

On to the sesame chicken salad (I love the crunchiness!):

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Cake Ice Cream + Strawberries @ Marble Slab

Marble Slab website here.

Oh man. This place is always good. Went here with Julie yesterday (6/9/09).

Sweet Tomatoes!

Sweet Tomatoes website here.

Lunch with parents, brother, paternal grandparents, and dad's cousins on 5/24/09.

Doesn't this place's name sound like an expletive (a nicer one, of course)? "Sweet tomatoes!"
** If you've been there before, have you ever noticed that their carpet design displays tomatoes? Very appropriate and subtle.

When you enter the building, you grab a tray, a plate, etc. and make your own salad with a bunch of ingredient & topping choices as you walk down the salad bar/payment line. Here's mine:

You sit down and eat it, and then you go back to a different food area (not back to the salad/payment line--unless you want more salad) for pastas, soup, bread, pizza, side dishes, and dessert. I usually end up going back and forth about three or four times. Oh no! I forgot to take a picture of my corn & tortilla soup (or whatever it was called). That was really good too....

Their cornbread and chocolate brownie muffin things are soo good (partly because, in my opinion, they have actual bits of corn and chocolate chips, respectively). I heard they only keep food items available if people really like them, and these two things have been there ever since I started eating there when I was a kid, so definitely try those if you ever go there. They also have monthly (?) food themes that influence what kinds of foods they serve. When I went, the theme was "Strawberries," so they had a strawberry salad, strawberry muffins (like the yummy one that's upside down below), etc.

They always have soft-serve ice cream as one of the main dessert choices. I didn't want to be a pig and make a humongous ice cream sundae, so I just made this, which wasn't all that great (maybe because jell-o tastes better with real ice cream instead of soft-serve stuff):

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Psi Chi Officers' Informal Good-bye Dinner

Le Petit Cheval - Berkeley (there are other locations in Oakland and Walnut Creek)
2600 Bancroft Way

(between Bowditch St & College Ave)
Berkeley, CA 94704
Website here.
Yelp ratings here.

Only five of us were able to make it, but at least we had that many! Here's my dish. Don't remember what it was called.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cinnamon Chip Scone

Great Harvest (Oakland's branch)
5800 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618


This looked like a giant version of one of these Japanese snacks. YUM! They also have cinnamon chip bread, which they let me sample on a different day. Got it for my aunt. This scone was mine though. Such a pig.

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Brother's Japanese Curry

Ryan made curry for everyone (our household consists of my grandparents, parents, Ryan, and me) last night (6/5/09). He added beef, tomatoes, carrots, apples, potatoes, and onions, and it was delicious despite its soupy-ness (it's not supposed to be so liquidy lol). I dunno why the tablecloth is so happy.

I dunno which one my brother used, but these were both out while he was cooking, and they were both in the recycling bin when he was done, so maybe he used both?

Humongous pot!