Friday, October 31, 2008

College YBA Conferene: Part X

Jamba Juice's Pomegranate Heart Defender

Hmmm...good. Forgot what's in it besides pomegranate and blueberries.

Sunday, 10.26.08 (Last thing I ate at the College YBA conference).

College YBA Conference Food: Part IX

Sunday morning breakfast (David, Mina, Alex, Derek & I made just-add-water pancakes, and Mrs. B made the bacon, potatoes, and fried rice):

So cool! David and/or Derek made this:

A turkey w/ a poop from one perspective and a fat duck with an egg from another:

College YBA Conference Food: Part VIII

Arare (try saying that! it's hard. haha):

College YBA Conference Food: Part VII (Cooking Competition)

Peanut butter cookies (slightly burnt--the best!):

Toban A's tuna casserole *my team* - Turned out yummy:

Tuna casserole:

I don't even know who won. I think the spring roll group did. They were all pretty good though...considering our limited budget, time, and expertise.

College YBA Conference Food: Part VI: Jamba Juice Trip

Just four of them: Uhh Strawberries Wild, Caribbean Passion, Pink Star (really does taste like a pink Starburst), and my Acai Supercharger (holy cow!--560 calories!). My acai drink consisted of an acai juice blend, soymilk, raspberry sherbet, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, & ice. It was pretty good. Different than the other Jamba drinks I've had. Acai's supposed to be really good for I got it. Too bad it was full of sugar.

Healthy...ish. In small amounts.

College YBA Conference Food: Part V

Mmmm...teriyaki chicken, rice, nori (seaweed), Chinese cabbage salad, & edamame rice (SOO GOOD!!)

College YBA Conferene: Part IV

Wow...I didn't take very much. Some kind of egg & ham casserole, challah (lol someone sliced it), some kinda slightly toasted bread (with something sweet on top...butter and sugar?), eggs, orange juice, and an apple slice.

College YBA Conferene: Part III

College YBA Conferene: Part II

First night's Safeway snacks (shared w/ Mina & Alex):

Yes--those are our hand-decorated shot glasses (Mina's doing). I didn't actually take shots, but I used the glass anyway!

College YBA Conference Food: Part I

College Young Buddhists Association Conference 2008 @ the Jodo Shinshu Center on Durant Avenue in Berkeley

Friday, 10.24.08 - Sunday, 10.26.08

Here was our first night's dinner (Mrs. B's yummy CURRY!):

They were like Chinese versions of manju or mochi...but with coconut. And the outer stuff was eggy-tasting (custard-like). Yum! I don't like coconut, but I liked this.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cheeseboard's Pecan Roll

Tuesday, 10.21.08

Killer. Soooo good. I was always too afraid to get their pecan roll because it looked too sweet with all of the gooey stuff on the bottom, but oh no--it wasn't. This is now my favorite @ Cheeseboard. Next to the brioche. I <3 pecans and not-too-sweet pastries. I'm bringing this to my mom the next time I go home.

The bottom:

Cheeseboard's Berkeley Buns

Tuesday, 10.21.08

Oh, Cheeseboard. You never fail. These buns are awesome! I had to try them because they have curry in them, which I thought was odd. Guess that's why it's called a Berkeley Bun. Multicultural and weird and diverse and crazy and unconventional. Awesome!! Not too heavy on the curry...good texture...good size (kinda small so you don't feel like a pig after eating it).

For their daily bread menu, click HERE.

The bottom:

Cheeseboard Pizza

Tuesday, 10.21.08

SOooooo good. The pizza of the day had these toppings:

Cremini, Shitake & Chanterelle Mushrooms, Onions, Mozzarella Cheese, French Goat Cheese, Garlic Olive Oil, Fresh Herbs.

Such awesome flavor every time I go there. They give you an extra slice with every order you make. I ordered two (for Stephen y yo), but we shoulda ordered separately so that we'd each get an extra. It's okay though because we went to the bakery afterward and ate more (berkeley buns & a pecan roll & an oat scone (thought I had a pic of this already, but I guess not).

Bongo Burger's Turkey Burger

Bongo Burger - On Center between Fulton and Shattuck

I put this under "healthy" because they say it's healthy on their menu.

Ohh I love toasted buns...especially with sesame seeds. This was slightly burnt, but it tasted good still. The meat's flavor was tasty too. I'd for sure get this again sometime.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random Food From Whole Foods

Too bad all of these were too expensive. Parents and I went to a one-year memorial service across the bay last weekend...and since they had to rush off to see my brother's band performance in Merced, we stopped by Whole Foods really fast and got random things:

Curried Chicken Salad - My favorite of all of these. So good! Sweet 'cause of the currants. I don't think I'd ever had a cold curry like this before.

Mushroom & herb-stuffed chicken (this was just okay):

Mmmm...I'm picky about potato salads (they're usually too mustardy, too mayonaisey, too salty, too pickley, etc.)
Spicy shrimp or something: (we also got a salmon one that's not pictured)

Good macaroni salad (I'm picky w/ mac salads too):

Nothing new...but good! Sweet & salty walnut & dried cranberry salad:

Uh...some kinda soup with white or navy beans and noodle shells (yum!):

Safeway Select's Asparagus & Cheese Ravioli

Not much on the inside...and a lot of what was in there came out somehow. Still pretty good. Sorry ... I forgot how much it was. I added this sauce, which is really good (with chunks of sausage)!!:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Smart Alec's 1/2 Soup / 1/2 Salad + Cornbread Combo

Smart Alec's
2355 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
Info w/ map here. Menu here *Menu prices are higher now*

Bought on 10.15.08 for $6.21


My combo came with cornbread. If you do a soup/salad combo, you can't choose a fancy salad (you can just get a caesar or a tossed green or whatever it's called). Still...their poppyseed salad dressing is good!

Next time I'm trying the Garden Delight (salad). Egg, wheatberries, edamame, corn, & garbonzo beans. MMMM!!

West Coast Pizza @ Psi Chi's First General Meeting

Monday, 10.13.08

The vegetarian pizza (one out of the seven or so that we ordered). Yum!

Noah's Bagels: Pumpkin Muffin W/o the Frosting

$1.89 @ Noah's on Telegraph & Durant in Berkeley
Bought 10/16/08 (Brother's bday!)

Looks like a pumpkin popover! Definitely denser than one though. Not too sweet, which was good, and not spicy at all (at least not to me), which was fine for this muffin. Nice muffin top with a slight, almost-burnt taste along the outside edges (and along where the liner was).

I'm going to start paying more attention to food packaging. Sometimes they have really cool artwork.

MMMmm...pumpkin flavors make me happy.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hmm...interesting. Rice? Doesn't list rice itself as an ingredient. Tasted like something was you can definitely tell it's dairy-free. It still tastes good though. At least decent. I wanna try other flavors. Got this for $3-something @ Elephant Pharmacy last week.