Saturday, April 23, 2016

Paletas @ Paleteria y Neveria la Mixteca - Madera, CA

Paleteria y Neveria la Mixteca
1100 N. D Street
Madera, CA 93638 

I had my first paleta (Mexican popsicle) years ago, but I just never found a conveniently located paleta place since I tried La Reina de Michoacán in Fresno. I found a delicious Mexican paleta and ice cream place in Madera and am tempted to go there all the time. I've been there twice now and wanted to share the information so you can try it too! I want to try other things like ice cream and snow cones. Yum! I highly recommend this place, especially since they make their own ice cream!

Here's their vainilla con fresa (vanilla with strawberry), which is sooo good. The white part tastes like a sweet rich cream or milk (some recipes call for coconut milk), and obviously those are sliced strawberries! This makes me want to try making these with pieces of different things in it like fresh fruit and Oreos.

Here is their leche quemada (burned milk... AKA caramelized milk...just like those cajeta candies and those obleas con cajeta de leche I posted about before). SO GOOD!!!

Below is their arroz (rice) flavor. Yet another delicious flavor. I love how it tastes like horchata and that it contains grains of rice.

Other flavors to try... One of their friendly employees said their most popular flavors are lemon, walnut, and something I don't remember at the moment.