Monday, July 5, 2010

La Reina de Michoacán

La reina = queen
de = of/from
Michoacáan = Mexican state
Price: 1 paleta (ice pop) = $1.50

720 E. Belmont Avenue
Fresno, CA 93701
(559) 485-3013
On Yelp.

Go here for a picture of their popsicles stacked on each other. I should have just taken more pictures myself. Anyway! I went there with Gaurav and Jason K a few days ago on Jason's recommendation. I had never even heard of this place...probably because it's so dang far and not in a very safe area (at least not at night).

Verdict: Really good! I'd go back to try other flavors (like the chongos, which the server said was like a sweet, creamy cake pudding thing; I didn't want something "really sweet" like he said that was, but now I'm curious) or other types of foods. They have horchata, snow cones, and other things also. Too bad it's so far!

They give it to you wrapped like this:

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