Saturday, October 16, 2010

Portillo's Hot Dogs

Portillo's Hot Dogs
12840 Day Street
Moreno Valley, CA - Not technically Riverside but pretty close
Website here. Apparently it's a chain.

Consumed 10/2/10

I know I haven't updated in FOREVER, but things have just been crazy. It's not that I don't have time; I just don't feel like making the time to update. I hate when people make excuses about not having time. If it's important enough, you'll do it. I figured no one would suffer if I didn't post about my food for awhile. :D

Anyway, I've been to Portillo's twice now, once with my parents, brother, and uncle and aunt when they were helping me move into Riverside and a second time with my boyfriend, Blake. The first time I wasn't a huge fan of the salad my mom and I shared, but I did like the hot dog, so I was determined to go back and try non-salad menu items, which is exactly what I did. The place is kinda wacky with random things on the walls and a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. You can order salads, hot dogs, interesting desserts like chocolate cake milkshakes, etc. It kinda reminds me of a Fuddruckers. Here's what Blake and I ate (YUMM!!! I'd get both again) a few weeks ago (Blake got a chili dog and I got their polish without mustard):