Saturday, October 12, 2013

What do Movie Extras Eat?

Breakfast at a high school: Day 1
For the past two Sundays I spent 6-10 hours being an extra for a movie! I've always wanted to be an extra, so I was able to take that off my bucket list. Anyway, the movie is called Senior Project and is a teen comedy about five high schoolers who scramble at the last minute to complete their senior project together. Click HERE for their Facebook group and HERE for their Twitter page. Here are some pictures of the snacks we ate on set and the tasty lunches we ate with the cast and crew. What an awesome experience! I ended up being in a bunch of scenes. So excited for this movie to come out in July 2014! The actors include Kyle Massey, Margaret Cho, Vanessa Marano, Meaghan Martin, Ryan Potter, Lana McKissack (I found out about this through Lana, one of my favorite Youtubers!), Sterling Beaumon, Lynn Telzer, and Kathryn Lee.
* If you are interested, you can be an extra for this movie too! Visit THIS PAGE for information on being an extra. They need a lot of people for the next couple of scenes, so check it out!

More breakfast: Day 1
Closer pic of the breakfast food. Sadly, I took a pic after we had eaten most of the food. Waffles, burritos, potatoes...
Snacks: Day 1

Snacks: Day 2
Lunch: Day 1

Lunch: Day 2