Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lee's Sandwiches - Riverside, CA

Lee's Sandwiches
1889 University Avenue
Riverside, CA 92507
They have several other locations too!

** Please open a branch in Central Cal!! **

Ahh I love banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich made with a French baguette, meat, jalapenos, pickled vegetables, & cilantro) and coffee. They have different types of meat, so if you don't like that bright pink color, just get beef, chicken, or something else. I usually like grilled pork, but this time I got BBQ pork. Usually I drink black coffee, but once in awhile I do like the sweet ones. This Lee's coffee is pretty sweet, but I think I still like it because it also has a strong coffee flavor. I also just love their ice! It might sound weird to mention ice, but it really does make a difference. There are big chunks of ice that keep the drink cold but also small shreds of frosty ice that make it seem almost like it is turning into shave or shaved ice, which I love.

Lee's coffee
That ice is so good!
 And now the BBQ pork banh mi:


Monday, February 15, 2016

Thai Omlette, Pad Thai, Bagel Sandwich, & Bagels @ Fresno Bagel Co. - Fresno, CA

Fresno Bagel Co.
7739 N First Street
Fresno, CA 93720

You wouldn't normally find thai food at a bagel place, but what a good idea! You can come here for just regular bagels or bagel sandwiches OR thai food.

I discovered it is difficult to describe what a thai omelette is to someone who's never had one before. When you say it has green onions, cheese, and peas, it just doesn't sound good. When Grace visited, I took her to try the thai food and bagels here, and she was pleasantly surprised. Delicious breakfast!

The whole spread
YUMM. I'm not a huge fan of cold cuts or bagel sandwiches unless they have a lot of flavor and intersting ingredients (not a big ham and cheese fan at all), so the bagel sandwich was forgetable, but everything else was delicious. My family and friends have gotten food here for years. It's definitely a favorite of many Fresnans.

Pad thai!

Strawberry bagel w/ strawberry cream cheese...LOVE