Monday, February 15, 2016

Thai Omlette, Pad Thai, Bagel Sandwich, & Bagels @ Fresno Bagel Co. - Fresno, CA

Fresno Bagel Co.
7739 N First Street
Fresno, CA 93720

You wouldn't normally find thai food at a bagel place, but what a good idea! You can come here for just regular bagels or bagel sandwiches OR thai food.

I discovered it is difficult to describe what a thai omelette is to someone who's never had one before. When you say it has green onions, cheese, and peas, it just doesn't sound good. When Grace visited, I took her to try the thai food and bagels here, and she was pleasantly surprised. Delicious breakfast!

The whole spread
YUMM. I'm not a huge fan of cold cuts or bagel sandwiches unless they have a lot of flavor and intersting ingredients (not a big ham and cheese fan at all), so the bagel sandwich was forgetable, but everything else was delicious. My family and friends have gotten food here for years. It's definitely a favorite of many Fresnans.

Pad thai!

Strawberry bagel w/ strawberry cream cheese...LOVE

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