It took me 3-4 years to decide to make this blog public. Have fun!

I have come across a few people with misconceptions about food blogs, including a professor of Anthropology of Food (one of my all-time favorite classes), who thought that blogs are all about showing off what you made. Ouch...and how ironic coming from a food class professor who spent 15 weeks discussing everything about food and foodways.

So why did I make this blog? Several reasons (in no particular order):
(1) I love food & want to share random facts and food recommendations
with other food lovers
(2) I love showcasing food that other people make. Sometimes people don't realize how skilled others are in the kitchen unless they try their food.
(3) Food can be so beautiful.
-Exhibit A: The heritage tomato caprese at Casanova in Carmel
(4) I love receiving feedback from others in the comments section!
For example, I've gotten some good food recommendations through my own blog! Also, food bloggers are so much fun to befriend.
(5) Showcasing food also reveals many things about people, different cultures, family traditions, and things you might never know otherwise.
-Exhibit C: One way Japanese people make mochi
(6) It's an awesome way to relate to others. The first thing I do every single morning is learn from other food blogs (unless I don't have internet access)
(7) It allows me to organize my food-related experiences. How else would I remember that I've had a pumpkin truffle before or the names of those awesome pastries at Crixa Cakes in Berkeley?