Monday, May 4, 2009

Awesome Indian Food

Taste of the Himalayas
1700 Shattuck Avenue, Ste. A
Berkeley, CA 94709

Sunday, 4/12/09

Steve said this is the best Indian food he's had in Berkeley (or maybe anywhere?) so far. It was more expensive than places like Biryani House, House of Curries, and Naan 'n' Curry, but the quality was excellent, and the flavors were delicious. And OMG to that naan. I'd been wanting to try Tandoor Kitchen because people keep saying their naan is good, but I don't even need to try that. Hands down, this place has the best naan. Fluffy, hot, fresh, slightly buttery...puffy and thick but not consistently so (I prefer bread that's not uniform in size, shape, etc.). Hmm...what's up with that little missing bite? Haha! Maybe someone took a bite and then saw that I was taking a picture and put it back. How considerate. :)

Ian got a biryani dish of some kind, apparently. Steve got his butter chicken (chicken makhani), which is like chicken tikka masala but better (at least to us). I thought this was more buttery than creamy, and tikka masala seems more creamy than buttery. Does that make sense? I'm no expert on anything, by the way. You just have to try these things yourself. According to their online menu, I ordered the kukhura ra saag, although I thought it was just chicken saag when I ordered it. ::shrugs:: Maybe I just read the description and figured it was pretty much the same as chicken saag and assumed that that was the name from that point on. Family style is the best, by the way. Either that or sharing a little.

These dishes don't look all that big, but there was a lot of stuff in them.

Some kind of lentil soup, which actually came first (these pics aren't in chronological order). It was really good:

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Steve Harrell said...

Haha. Taste of Himalayas was awesome, especially the naan. Good times.