Monday, May 4, 2009

Love at First Bite's Green Tea & Red Velvet Cupcakes

Their website.
Love at First Bite Bakery
1510 Walnut Street, Suite G
Berkeley, CA 94709

OH MY GOODNESS! This green tea/matcha (I still dunno where the "t" comes from; I think it just helps English-speakers say it correctly or something) cupcake is SO good. I gave these to Yuya as a good-bye present (did same for Constance when she went back to France too. hehe) on Thurs, 4/23/09 because he's Japanese (green tea is very Japanese), I knew that one was good, and because I wanted him to know what a red velvet cake was. Here's my post on the pumpkin cupcake, which is also wonderful. Yuya gave me some chocolate and some inedible Japanese items, but I'll post about those chocolates later.

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Daniel D said...

I'm jealous x____x