Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tri-Tip Sandwich at Dog House Grill - Fresno, CA

2789 E Shaw Ave 
Fresno, CA 93710

Tri-tip is one of my favorite things to eat. My church used to have a tri-tip sandwich fundraiser (BEST FUNDRAISER EVER), and those sandwiches were sooo good. Tri-tip plus roasted onions and green bell peppers. Anyway, Dog House Grill is a popular restaurant right across the street from Fresno State. Here's a pic from the last time I was there (about a month ago). I also tried their tri-tip salad (yum!) back in 2010 when Wong Fu Productions did a film viewing/presentation at Fresno State. We saw the trio at Dog House Grill, by the way. To be 100% completely honest, this sandwich was delicious, but I've had better in private places like the church fundraiser and with Blake's family. I think it's because the meat was a little harder to chew for some reason...or maybe I was too focused on my conversation. Anyway, the flavor was GOOD and I sat right by where they were actually cooking the meat outside.

The picture below doesn't really do the sandwich justice. It was so delicious.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Cheese Board Round-Up - Berkeley, CA

Shattuck at Vine Street
Berkeley, CA 94709

Technically, it's called "The Cheese Board Collective" or just "The Cheese Board," but EVERYONE calls it "Cheese Board." Basically there's a pizza restaurant right next to their cheese & bakery business (scroll down for pizza pics). Line out the door. One type of pizza each day (several toppings). Always vegetarian but DELICIOUS (Menu here).

If you've lived in Berkeley, you have heard of Cheese Board and you love it. Every few weeks or months you have to go eat pizza and/or a baked item.

Cheese Board is fast, delicious, and unique (e.g., they're a worker-owned and operated business and they have interesting things like Berkeley buns, which you shall see below).

Anyway, I was talking about pizza with Michelle and Chris tonight after eating Mexican food (lol), and I suddenly thought about how amazing Cheese Board in Berkeley is. Why it took so long for me to think of it...who knows. Anyway, here is a round-up of Cheese Board things (pictures are from around 2008). Click the name of each item to see a full post.

Berkeley Bun - Description here
(Mystery cheeses, curry powder, black pepper, onions, etc.
This totally summed up Berkeley: Odd but unique, fun, and somehow it works!)

Chocolate Thing - Basically a slightly sweet bun with chocolate chunks. GOOD! See ingredients here


Pecan roll - Aahhhh DELICIOUS! Not overly sweet either! Another favorite.

Corn & Cherry Scone: Sounds odd but it's corn meal--not corn. YUM!


And OF COURSE...the pizza! They taste much more delicious than these pictures show.

Pizza 1: Red peppers and ahh I wish I had written down the rest of the ingredients.

Pizza 2: Cremini, Shitake & Chanterelle Mushrooms, Onions, Mozzarella Cheese, French Goat Cheese, Garlic Olive Oil, Fresh Herbs.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wild Mushroom Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen - Yum!

I love mushrooms, and this is the best mushroom pizza I've ever had. You get four types of mushrooms (cremini, shiitake, portabello, and white mushroooms) that are DELICIOUS together in a wild mushroom pesto. Here are more original crust pizzas. I love their crust and how it wasn't too hard or soft and it was slightly sweet. People (including me) tend to complain about CPK's prices, but I guess you could argue that they use high-quality ingredients that you can't find at places like Pizza Hut. Still...the prices keep me away most of the time. I think the last time I went there before a few days ago when I got this pizza with Blake was back when I was still in high school (over 9 years ago probably)