Friday, June 6, 2008


This place has yet to disappoint me, I haven't heard anyone say anything negative about it, and there are always a lot of people in both the pizza section and the cheese/bakery area. Everything I've had (including their pizza) has been really, really good. I've had their chocolate/almond scone, currant scone, cheese scone, brioche, bran muffin, cheese bun, and a bite of their chocolate cookie. I really want to try their bread pudding and challah. I don't like sourdough so I'm hesitant to try a lot of their breads...although I think their cheese buns are made out of sourdough. Hm. Maybe it's a bad thing that our new apartment management office is near Cheeseboard.

Anyways, today I went a little piggy and tried a bran muffin, which was good! Not too sweet, nice texture, moist, and good flavor. Only downside is that if you're allergic to walnuts, you can't eat this. I know those aren't very specific descriptions, but oh well. It's hard to describe texture and stuff specifically. Maybe pictures will help. I'm sorry they're not that clear. At least one girl was giving me a weird look while I was taking maybe my nervous state made me move around more. I also had this on my these are the products of a shaky lap and shaky hands.

...and a cheese scone, which was disappointing at first, but then I realized it had a good corny texture. It only disappointed me at first because that was my first savory scone, and I like sweet scones better. Now I wanna try their corn-and-cherry scone. Oh...and I think if you want something cheesy, you should go for a cheese bun (or are they called rolls?), which is really cheesy. The cheese scone is good for when you don't want an overpowering cheesy taste.

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