Thursday, June 5, 2008

La Mediterranee

This is my favorite Mediterranean restaurant (here's their website), although I can't say I've tried many.

Sorry these pictures are so dark. They didn't come out when I used a flash, and I'm just an amateur instead of figuring out how to take a nice picture, I just took these.

This is the Chicken Cilicia w/ some kind of lemon chicken soup (I thought the soup was better than their Armenian potato salad, which is weird because I usually love potato things). Chicken cilia (according to Kurtis, the European language expert, it's pronounced "Suh-lih-shuh,") is chicken, almonds, raisins, chickpeas, and cinnamon wrapped in fillo dough. It came with cheese, fruit, and hummus (hummos? why do different places spell it differently?). SOO GOOD.

Dessert: Kurtis and I shared a baklava, which was huge and had too much whipped cream on the side:

I also had (not on the same night, of course!) their Middle Eastern plate and their Chicken Pomegranite, and both were delicious.

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