Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Love Chocolate Flipz

I don't usually like Nestle chocolate, but these are so difficult to stop eating! Mom loves these too, so they always remind me of her.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Great Harvest Chocolate Chip Scone

I don't think these are made out of cream, but they're still sooo good. I don't like white chocolate (I wonder why they don't call these double chocolate chip scones since there are two types of chocolate), but in this scone it was good as long as I didn't eat just a white choc chip by itself. White chocolate chips definitely look good.

Mom got this (along with a pumpkin muffin, a cinnamon roll, and a peach/raspberry? bar thing) on our way down for the Glee concert on Saturday, 5/22/10.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

S'm S'mores

Do I even need to write that these things taste delicious? Just look. I've started to drool. No...really. In my mouth. I guess that would mean I'm salivating. Doesn't drool have to come out? ANYWAY... I decided to make these because eating this, marshmallow creme, and this kept making me want s'mores. I still have to post about the toasted marshmallow shake I had in New York City at Stand too.

S'mores remind me of The Sandlot:
"Hey, Smalls, you wanna s'more?"
"Some more of what?"
"No, do you wanna s'more?"
"I haven't had anything yet, so how can I have some more of nothing?"

Roasted/toasted marshmallows are amazing. A billion times better than uncooked marshmallows. They look kinda gross though...if you think about all of the cracks and crevices. Sorry.

Who cares if I got these from the Dollar Tree? They still taste like mainstream marshmallows.

Pasta & Crepes w. Michelle S.

Michelle and I love food. We even analyze and discuss food flavors. I don't think we could be friends without this shared love. Kidding, of course. Anyway, Michelle did most of the cooking (like 99% of it...I think I just boiled the pasta*), and we both made these crispy chocolate chip Cheerio cookies for Wong Fu Productions on 5/1/10. I know...I'm behind in my postings.

* Speaking of pasta, pretty much every time I say "pasta" I picture Giada saying it with her presumably Italian accent.

A Better Picture of Ryan's Japanese Curry

Here is the first post I made of my brother's curry (you can change up the ingredients). This picture is better though. No more loud, colorful flower tablecloth in the background. :)

Garbanzo Beans!

I could eat a thousand of these little guys. It'd be easy 'cause each one is so small. And delicious. They remind me of edamame (kind of like "eh-dah-mah-meh" --not "eda mommy" like soo many people say lol).

All my dad did was rinse 'em and cook them on the stove in a pan with olive oil and salt. You can add whatever you want, of course. This time he added garlic salt, and that was good!

BBQ Chicken Sandwich at Deli Delicious - Fresno, CA

Deli Delicious
2633 E. Shaw Ave., #103
Fresno, CA

Lots of Fresno State students eat here. There are a few locations in Fresno now.

Got a mini BBQ chicken sandwich on Friday (5/14/10). I believe that was actually my first time eating their food. It looks a lot better on the inside than it does on the outside. I pictured an old, rinky dink place for some reason. I ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich with provolone, but it didn't come with cheese. Still good...but could have been better.

$5.44 (yea...for a mini. oh how i miss Berkeley's Smart Alec's).

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Food: Japanese Teapot & Cups w/ Lids!

Yeah... I'm not sure whose name is on the box. A friend of my grandma?

You hardly see tea cups with lids, right? Thought these were interesting. Not the cutest Japanese design, but it's still cool. Found these among grandma & grandpa's old things. We have tons more of stuff like this. Pretty awesome to go through. I would keep this set if the teapot were bigger. You'd have to refill that thing after serving one person! I've been to a Japanese restaurant where the teapot was too tiny...and it bugged me so much. So inefficient.

Jenny's Bday Dinner & Dessert @ Claim Jumper

Let's be unconventional and start with dessert. Happy 23rd bday (technically tomorrow), Jenny T.!

Here's the free bday cupcake! Delicious red velvet with cream cheese frosting (red velvet to me should always have cream cheese frosting!):

I've blogged about Claim Jumper's eclair before here. Warm dough + cold custard & ice cream & chocolate & real whipped cream. Too bad you can't see the ice cream. Sooo rich though. You have to share with like six people. This one actually seemed smaller than the first one I had.

My meatloaf sandwich (I switched the sourdough for regular white bread):

Valerie's fish:

Matcha Green Tea Blast + Teriyaki Salmon Lunch

Went to Jamba Juice with Scotty and Patrick today after eating at Sushi Day. Yum to both places. Today (5/8/10) the green tea smoothie wasn't as good as it usually is. Or maybe I've just been extra sensitive to sugar lately.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Root Beer Float Smoothie: Take One

Root Beer + non-fat milk + heavy whipping cream + vanilla ice cream + ice

I figured non-fat milk + heavy whipping cream = low fat milk. Right?? :P

Not the best, but not bad. Next time I'll just blend together Root Beer, ice, and vanilla ice cream. For some reason I was thinking that I need to add some kind of liquid (I forgot that Root Beer is a liquid). This probably won't be good after being frozen. You could barely taste the soda. Boo.

I'll try the "take two" later.

Blueberry Smoothie

Simple and healthy--especially minus the ice cream.

Frozen blueberries + soy milk + ice + spinach + non-fat yogurt. The ice cream on top is the only ice cream in the smoothie. haha. You also can't taste the spinach. I wanted to add a blueberry on top, but frozen ones aren't so pretty.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dog House Grill & Wong Fu Productions

Dog House Grill (across from Fresno State/California State University, Fresno)
2789 E Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA 93710

Split the steak cobb salad and garlic bread ($11.75 total) with Michelle S tonight (5/1/10) before we headed over to Fresno State to see Wong Fu Productions. If you haven't heard of them, they are awesome filmmakers/actors/people who are talented and creative but also genuinely nice people. Check out their videos on Youtube here. I love them even more than I did before tonight. The world needs more people like them. We actually saw Ted, Wes, and Phil (of Wong Fu Productions) at Dog House Grill sitting with the people who brought them to Fresno State. Hope they liked it! See the cookies we made for them below.

Michelle and I made those crispy chocolate chip Cheerio cookies for Wong Fu (recipe and earlier baking blog post HERE):