Friday, May 7, 2010

Blueberry Smoothie

Simple and healthy--especially minus the ice cream.

Frozen blueberries + soy milk + ice + spinach + non-fat yogurt. The ice cream on top is the only ice cream in the smoothie. haha. You also can't taste the spinach. I wanted to add a blueberry on top, but frozen ones aren't so pretty.


Gail said...

you should try putting kale in smoothies! lots of nutrients and you can't taste it. at the end it gives you tiny bits to chew on like strawberry seeds (i love the gritty texture of strawberry seeds in smoothies so it works out for me!).

Corriendo said...

yeah! i was gonna try that next. i've been baking kale, and then i saw on a food blog a smoothie with kale in it. thanks!