About Corrie

Corrie Food is what I eat (vs. dog food)
Corriendo is a nickname my friend, Chris, gave me in high school
(I can't tell you how many Spanish speakers who are apparently running write
"@Corriendo" on Twitter and unintentionally tag me.)

The Short Bio
I'm a graduate student in love with food (& Blake).
I'm from Central California, went to Cal for undergrad, and am in a PhD program at UCR!
I love learning about different cultures.

I love kids. And honest silly people.
Blake is my husband (you'll see his name a lot here).
I'm Japanese-American (that explains the sushi, obon, mochi-making,
and large number of general Japanese posts).

Food Philosophy
My first foodie inspiration: Amelia Bedelia (clearly if you make delicious food, no one will hate you no matter what mistakes you make)

Use fresh, good-quality ingredients when possible.
Use real butter.
Give people food as gifts.
Try to keep things simple.
Fancy can be awesome, but I'm happy as long as the food is good.
Sharing is so much fun!
It is totally fine to eat pumpkin things in the spring and summer!

My family's food, chocolate, peanut butter, bread (but not sourdough), chicken, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, kettle corn, yellow peaches & nectarines, lahmajoun, cereal (even lots of healthy kinds), puffed wheat stuff (like kamut), scones, cupcakes, cakes, bulgogi, real whipped cream, apple things, pho, loaded salads, several Indian things (like chicken palak, paneer, aloo matar, tamarind sauce, & NAAN), fresh guacamole, pumpkin-flavored things, green tea, strawberry pizzas, sushi (minus the fishy fish), smoothies, shaved ice (the finer shaved the better), sweet potato fries, ice cream, pizza, oyako donburi, chicken, tri tip, Blake's family's ribs, chicken, lasagna, tacos, burritos, non-fishy fish, potatoes, coffee, pancakes, challah, French crullers, waffles, tea, granitas, cappuccinos, Americanos, ... the list goes on and on.


Crab, shrimp that's not fried or battered (especially not cocktail shrimp), coconut flakes, lobster, oysters, clams, fishy fish (like tuna, although spicy tuna can be good), ginger (unless it's mixed with other ingredients), some artificial fruit flavors (like peach & watermelon, although I love the real ones), most types of wine, tamarind candy, candied orange peels, the chocolate + orange combination, things that have been handled too much (like cutesy things), edible metallic things (like those balls), edible glitter, mint tea, ...