Monday, May 24, 2010

A Great Harvest Chocolate Chip Scone

I don't think these are made out of cream, but they're still sooo good. I don't like white chocolate (I wonder why they don't call these double chocolate chip scones since there are two types of chocolate), but in this scone it was good as long as I didn't eat just a white choc chip by itself. White chocolate chips definitely look good.

Mom got this (along with a pumpkin muffin, a cinnamon roll, and a peach/raspberry? bar thing) on our way down for the Glee concert on Saturday, 5/22/10.


Grace said...

*droooool* I love their Chocolate Chip scones! I remember ditching class to get one... haha.

Corriendo said...

mm! YEAH! i love their scones. haha! i never did that, but maybe i should have! lol