Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fish Tacos!!

I had my first fish tacos at Rubio's during my first quarter of grad school in Riverside, CA. This picture is from my second time eating fish tacos, but I'm too lazy to go find the original ones I had (I don't even know if I took a picture of them the first time. Probably not because I didn't want my classmates to think I was weird just yet). This isn't the best picture 'cause you can't see the fish up close, so sorry. I was against the idea of eating fish in my tacos because it sounded so weird, but I'm glad I got over that because these are AWESOME!! I can't wait to try fish tacos at other places.


Catherina said...

I felt the same way, like fish + tacos would not be a good mix at all but I guess it's all about what you put in them. I actually really like the fish tacos at BJ's Brewhouse and the ones at Wahoo's at Palm and Nees =)

Corriendo said...

ohh now i have to try those places' fish tacos!!! thanks for the recommendations!