Sunday, May 10, 2009

Team Potluck: Pre-Championship Game

Saturday, 5/2/09 @ Mary's apartment (she's one of our outside hitters)

Intramural volleyball team potluck dinner: Guacamole...fancy spaghetti...peanut butter /chocolate, coconut/pineapple (?), & "Loaded" chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream flavors (supposedly one of the healthier chocolate chip cookie dough ice creams, by the way) chip cookies...SE Asian dishes (a beef salad wrap and some kind of yummy curry)...and coffee cake. And drinks.

I rarely put up pics of people on this blog (it is a food blog, after all), but this pic has all of the vballas (well, half of the team, but all of the players who attended the potluck) AND all of the food in it. Yay!

Kat & Mike. Dang...I didn't get a pic of James C.'s spaghetti (it's under the white cover).

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