Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Famous Levain Bakery Cookies

Visited 2.23.10
Levain Bakery
167 W. 74th Street - Another location on Long Island
New York, NY 10023
Website here. - You can order online...but they're pretty costly. I do have to say, however, that my friend's friend loves these so much that they spent a lot of money just to have these cookies shipped to them. I think that says something. good. My friend, Steve, and I are in love with these cookies.
Learn about them here. Copycat recipes here (I dunno why so many came up with soft cookie versions...The real things are NOT soft)

I was in NYC for grad school interviews. What a great opportunity for a foodie to go exploring! I wanted to go everywhere and taste everything! But...there are, of course, way too many things to try, and after interviewing and walking around in the rain and being nervous and excited and everything, I didn't feel like going anywhere when I got snowed in. Good timing I guess.... Bad for travel plans though. My flight back home was delayed and everything.

So tiny! I almost missed this little closet of a place. It's weird 'cause you walk down stairs to enter.
Don't ask why I didn't get a chocolate chip walnut cookie. For some reason I could have sworn a good a non-chocolate-base one, but apparently I just got those two dark ones. Dang! Stupid! Oh well...parents thought they were pretty darn good too (brought a couple home with me).

Based on the recommendations of Steve and The Food Network, I traveled to the Upper West Side of Manhattan in NYC (in between grad school interviews back in February) to get my hands on some of those famous 6-0z cookie globs (perfect word for them). $4.00?! Yes. But so worth it. You get what you pay for: A HUGE, dense, delicious cookie with good-quality flavor. Steve said that the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie was the best cookie he's ever had. It is pretty damn good. It's so dense it's almost like a scone (but not as dry), and it's as heavy as a rock. haha. Watch them make cookies here. They also sell bread and stuff (see pics below).

Dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie:

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