Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pastries From The Unofficial Little Italy of The Bronx

*Note: I asked Morris Park Bake Shop if I could take pictures, and they were all really sweet about it. Probably thought I was crazy. Description of this tri-color cookie below.

I went to The Bronx for a grad school interview back in February and saw all of these little Italian pastry shops and restaurants. I'd actually been there before for a pre-interview meeting (to see if I was even going to apply) with my mom back in December, and then during a real interview in Albany, one of the other applicants talked about all of these little Italian food places in The Bronx (and other areas of New York State..It was really fun talking with NYers/East Coasters about NYC food). ** She might actually read this someday 'cause she has my link. If you are, please leave a comment!! Anyway, I was dumb and took the subway up to Morris Park (DO NOT DO THIS if you're trying to get to these little shops (or Yeshiva University) and you're walking all alone in the rain without an umbrella. Seriously. I had to guess where I was going, it was a looooong walk, and it was pouring. Stupid, stupid little girl. I got there by taxi the first time I went to this school, and then I failed again and took the subway the second time. You're supposed to take a subway up to somewhere in Manhattan (depending on where you are) and then take the BUS to The Bronx. I knew this...I was just being dumb that day. On the way back I almost cried too because I gave the bus driver the wrong free-rides-all-day ticket (it was the expired one I hadn't realized I still had), but luckily someone gave me his card, and I gave him $5.50 or however much it was. He and that older man who offered me his umbrella while I was walking umbrellaless in the rain were SO sweet. I didn't take the umbrella...oh no. But his kindness made me so happy. Sorry this paragraph got so long. See pictures below!

See? It even has an Italian flag on the street!

Morris Park Bake Shop:'s what I bought. I bought the peanut cookie and rugelach from Morris Park Bake Shop and the tri color from a smaller place.

(1) Chocolate rugelach (2 or 3):

(2) The Italian tri color (that's what the girl called it) cookie - not from Morris Park Bake Shop. Got this because I was determined to try something new that I could only get from a place like this. The girl said it's one of their most popular cookies, so what the heck? It was good but not my favorite. I did appreciate all of the work that must go into making these things. So many layers! It was almondy-flavored with chocolate, marzipan, three layers of cake, and jam (raspberry...and there's supposed to be apricot too). Apparently kids love them and call them "rainbow cookies." Very fitting.

Yummy peanut pastry (crunchy):

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