Sunday, July 4, 2010

The ART Burrito at La Posada

Food consumed on Saturday, 7/13/10

Julie, Andrea, Shari, and I watched Blake N. and Scott I. play baseball yesterday and decided to have lunch in Clovis in between games. Decided on La Posada because we didn't want Asian food, it was close to where we parked, and it's in a house! Plus...we just ended up there (we're not familiar with a lot of the Clovis area). I should have taken pictures of the inside! It was cute and comfy.

My ART burrito (chile verde, refried beans...uhh bad memory. Couldn't really taste each ingredient anyway). It was okay. Not bad, but not amazing (or memorable--clearly). Their chips were thick and their salsa was good and mildly spicy. I'd go again and try something else. The lady working there was really nice.

Where's Clovis? Here's your hint: Chris Colfer (the guy who plays Kurt Hummel on Glee) is from there. Here's another hint:

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