Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crixa Cakes: Bread Pudding & Lemon Cream Cake

Oh wow. I suck. I had Crixa Cakes food three times over the past week and a half. Gross. But TO DIE FOR at the same time.

Purchased (only partially eaten) on Tuesday, 11.11.08.

My BREAD PUDDING (MMM!!!! It's actually not made out of bread; ingredients = vanilla or chocolate sponge cake soaked with pots de cremé batter, a super-rich egg custard) - $4.25 per slice:

John's Lemon Cream Cake (OMG--I'm picky with lemon things, but this was pretty amazing; so creamy and tasty - $4.85 per slice); ingredents = Lemon mascarpone cream and kirsch soaked sponge cake:

*Used John's camera bc mine broke that morning*

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