Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Tomatoes!

Sweet Tomatoes website here.

Lunch with parents, brother, paternal grandparents, and dad's cousins on 5/24/09.

Doesn't this place's name sound like an expletive (a nicer one, of course)? "Sweet tomatoes!"
** If you've been there before, have you ever noticed that their carpet design displays tomatoes? Very appropriate and subtle.

When you enter the building, you grab a tray, a plate, etc. and make your own salad with a bunch of ingredient & topping choices as you walk down the salad bar/payment line. Here's mine:

You sit down and eat it, and then you go back to a different food area (not back to the salad/payment line--unless you want more salad) for pastas, soup, bread, pizza, side dishes, and dessert. I usually end up going back and forth about three or four times. Oh no! I forgot to take a picture of my corn & tortilla soup (or whatever it was called). That was really good too....

Their cornbread and chocolate brownie muffin things are soo good (partly because, in my opinion, they have actual bits of corn and chocolate chips, respectively). I heard they only keep food items available if people really like them, and these two things have been there ever since I started eating there when I was a kid, so definitely try those if you ever go there. They also have monthly (?) food themes that influence what kinds of foods they serve. When I went, the theme was "Strawberries," so they had a strawberry salad, strawberry muffins (like the yummy one that's upside down below), etc.

They always have soft-serve ice cream as one of the main dessert choices. I didn't want to be a pig and make a humongous ice cream sundae, so I just made this, which wasn't all that great (maybe because jell-o tastes better with real ice cream instead of soft-serve stuff):

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