Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thai Noodle Food @ APU's Professor Dinner 4/31/09

Thai Noodle
1936 Shattuck Ave (between Berkeley Way & Hearst Ave)
Berkeley, CA 94704

There's also Thai Noodle II, which recently opened at this address:
2426 Telegraph Ave (between Channing Way & Haste St)
Berkeley, CA 94704

APU (the Associated Psychology Undergraduates) hosts a Professor Dinner event a few times each semester. Basically, students interested in psychology pay $5 to eat a delicious meal with other students and a UC Berkeley psychology professor. This time, the professor was Matt Walker, who runs the Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab at Cal and is actually speaking at the psych department's commencement ceremony! I'm also taking his Biopsychology course right now.

Anyway, here's my plate. I don't know the exact names, but there's a pumpkin curry with green bell peppers and tofu (SO GOOD!), some kind of sweet-and-salty rice with raisins and beef (yea...I broke my no-red-meat rule for the night), and pad thai. I wish I were more familiar with Thai food. I don't know how to describe the flavors well because I don't even know the names of commonly used Thai food ingredients. Compared to other Thai food I've tried, this was really good, although I still love Berkeley Thai House and Thai Basil (one of the few actually good places in the Durant Food Court, aka Southside Asian Ghetto).

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