Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Meatloaf Sandwich

World Sports Cafe
7746 N Blackstone Avenue
Fresno, CA 93650
Yelp reviews (there aren't that many as of 8/26/09)

Go HERE for my post on the meatloaf sandwich at BJ's.
I also took a picture of a homemade meatloaf sandwich too.
See below the picture for my thoughts on this order.

I liked this meatloaf sandwich a lot, but I should have chosen a different side. Maybe a baked potato next time...the pasta salad was kinda boring (I guess that's better than extremely salty, peppery, pickly, etc.)...and almost too sour. I liked how it wasn't all mayonaise-y or mustard-y though (this is why I tend to dislike potato and pasta salads...they almost always have too much mayo or mustard)!! The bread, as you can see, was toasted and buttered, so that made the bread tasty and easy to eat (you know how big, fat, dry, unflavored sandwich bread can be gross sometimes). I actually prefer my bread intrinsically delicious without butter, but this was still good, and I'd order this again.

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