Friday, June 20, 2008

Anzu - Again! 6/15/08

{ These gyoza are good! }

My dad wanted to try it because I had recommended it based on my first visit. I love their cute little dishes. And their food is yummy.

Daddy's order (chirashi):

OOO i like their oyako donburi!!! wayyy better than Nanayiro's!

Momma's meal (I think there was too little food...but she liked the teriyaki sauce, and both Mom & Dad concluded it's real and that it must be owned by actual Japanese (I heard it is). Plus, look at those beans (not the edamame--the good luck beans).:

Parents said they'd go back again. Didn't take a pic of my brother's curry cuz I didn't wanna reach over. He said he liked it though. So did my dad.

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