Monday, July 14, 2008

Edo-Ya 7/13/08 - Fresno, CA

*NOTE TO FUTURE EDO-YA CUSTOMERS: If you're allergic to something, ask if your order comes with it because it might show up unexpectedly without warning.*

My family, family friends, and I still love this place though!!!! I think we just had one bad waitress or they just made one mistake. Not good, but I told them about the mistake to let them know.

Piece of the Edo-Ya roll:

TOP roll: I forgot what John's roll was called, but it was deep-fried, and they included avocado even though the menu didn't list that as an ingredient. I told them they should fix their menu because some people, like John, are allergic to avocado...and all I got was a glare from one of the three waitresses and an "I'll talk to them about it" sort of answer. I HATE rude service/employers/employees/customer service reps. Come to think of it, they added a lot of ingredients they didn't list on the menu.

BOTTOM roll: Edo-Ya Roll...with raw salmon (er...yellow tail? i forgot) and tuna, avocado, masago, and ebi (shrimp).

They lined my roll with cucumber for some reason:

Thoughts: Still annoyed their sushi menu descriptions are misleading...but I really like my roll. I've had their chicken teriyaki before, and it was too dry, but I think all my other visits have been satisfying. Would I go back? Possibly, but I'd rather not if I had other options.

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