Sunday, July 27, 2008

Frausto's with Derrick

Berkeley 7/27/08. Around $10 for this first plate & one horchata (possibly my favorite drink when made correctly besides water).

My meal (Red Chicken Enchilada):

Derrick's menudo:

$2.00 for one horchata. Really good!! They were huge, and there were cubes AND frosty bits of ice! MMmmm...what a good idea. It was also really spice-y (not spicy hot) and tons better than the mix I got from Central Fish (not surprising) three years ago...and better than La Burrita's horchata

Derrick's shot from above:

I'd go back. Actually, this was my second time. The last time I can't remember what I got, but my parents both got albondigas, which was reeeeally good. I love that word. Albondigas. And estacionamiento. :p

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Gail said...

ooo cafe durant has good horchata! to me and my friend edward at least...