Thursday, July 3, 2008

Herbivore: Dinner

I got the soy chicken (coulda chosen tofu chicken or...I had two other choices) kebab with the garlic lemon sauce (coulda chosen some kinda miso sauce) and quinoa (there were other choices like rice). I was disappointed, although part of it was because the sauce was making my mouth itch for some I had to eat these plain, which was difficult because they weren't seasoned or anything. Healthy...but tasteless:

I'm so glad I finally tried quinoa!!! It's really good! Very light...pretty much flavorless, but it has a cool texture:

Came with a salad...I guess? It was good and healthy, but nothing amazing or special about it:

Had to try their vegan chocolate cupcake, but that was a mistake. Very dry, and I KNOW that vegan cupcakes can be moist!!!!!! Definitely not worth the $4-whatever I paid for it. Frosting wasn't bad though. Looked really messy if it had been smooshed around in a box:

Here's the inside:

Here's Alex's blueberry-banana smoothie, which was $4-something! At least he said it was good:

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Gail said...

yeah herbivore sucks! "Healthy...but tasteless" is right on! but the blueberry smoothie looks good.