Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wassabi - Fresno, CA

9/1/12 Update: This place has come a long way since it first opened. I've been to both the First & Herndon and Fig Garden locations and love both places. Their sushi is awesome and their ads and sushi roll names are very unique. Their lunch box/bento box deal is pretty good--just like the lunch box you can get at Sakura Chaya.


fast service, loud atmosphere (e.g., they shout "WASSABI!" whenever someone enters the little restaurant), TVs, waitress forgot to give me the check after i asked...and they left the avocado in the second one even though we asked for it to be left out.

don't remember the names of this one, but this is the first time i've had any kind of nut sprinkled on top of my sushi. uhhh...weird but fantastic now that I've gotten used to it!

the yummy yummy...i think.

like sushi day, this place has interesting names for its rolls.

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