Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally Went to Fat Slice!

People told me this place was extra greasy. I agree. Also extra cheesy (maybe that's why), which is not a bad thing. I was just telling Vanessa P. that I had never been to Fat Slice on Saturday (11.15.08), and then that night, during Cherry's party, Mina, Daniel, Derek (? I'm pretty sure that's not his name), and I went to Fat Slice and got cheese slices because they were out of chicken pesto. Goood...but not the best. Luckily Daniel wanted to split one with me...so I didn't feel so guilty eating pizza late at night.

*Used Mina's camera*

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Daniel D said...

That was the best pizza I ever tasted in my entire life, and it may or may not have been to my condition at the time. Still, excellent pizza.