Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crepes With Constance!

(well...and MC & KTT, but "Crepes with Constance" sounds better & made a shorter title)

Constance came over a few weeks ago and showed Minh-Chau, Kurtis, y yo how she makes crepes. She's from France, so I figured she might know something we don't? Actually, since I don't know much of anything, I was bound to learn a lot anyways. So this was way fun. I'd made crepes on my own or with previous roomies twice, but I had never used beer (to thicken them). Yumm (you can't taste the beer, in case anyone's wondering...that's something I would wonder). No recipe, by the way. It was all in her head. Basically just flour, eggs, milk, beer?

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So Corrie had some trouble:

There was a star on top of the Nutella:


Anonymous said...

Hi Corrie ! How is it going ?! Your blog is great and this crepe party is a good memory !

Corriendo said...

Hi, Constance!! It's so nice to hear from you! I'm fine. I hope you are too! Thank you. Yes. I definitely had a great time making crepes with you!