Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thanksgiving W/ Mom's Side: Non-Dessert Foods

* I think there were more pictures, but oh well. Turkey is turkey.

This unsweetened tea was good:

Homemade manju (some had strawberry inside though) & umm...pancake manju? I don't know the official name of the pancake one, but it just has an (red bean paste) in the middle

More Japanese snacks (possibly straight from Japan, but I'm sure they have all of these at Asian stores & Berkeley Bowl; one of my aunts was born there):

Tomato & mozzarella cheese:

Japanese potato muffins. Not sure what kind of potato. It's not kabocha, which is more like a pumpkin or squash. The texture was like that of those cakey manju...I love that texture! It's like the texture of steamed pork buns--soft & cakey with a thin, slightly smooth the bottom middle one here.

Aunt's pumpkin pie (made from scratch!). She said it was pumpkin meringue, but the top was whipped cream. I really liked the texture & how it wasn't too sweet:

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