Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Freshman Year Food

Yes--I did take food pics way before I started this blog.
And you can see from the dorm pics why I gained 10 pounds freshman year (at least it wasn't the "freshman fifteen" though). I always ate what was pictured below + at least seconds + dessert. Pig!

Olivia to Wendy (in our dorm room):

Wendy to me:

Philly cheesesteak sandwich from Pat Brown's:

Again, I really enjoyed dorm food. Guess I'm not that picky? I think it was pretty darn good, considering what people kept saying about "dorm food" in general before I left for undergrad.

These are some food pics from Crossroads:

French toast & omlette (they had one to two omlette stations every weekend):

Green tea ice cream from ... oh no. That place on Bancroft that sells boba, ice cream, egg puffs, and other Asian stacks? The one right by the expensive candy store that just closed. Not Sweetheart Cafe....

This was from the Clark Kerr Campus dining commons. It truly is sickening how much I ate every day (I even ate more than what's below sometimes...or maybe usually). This was from the day I fell in love with bread pudding...and that is the bread pudding right there:

Back when I was in Rally Committee (UCRC), they had a BBQ right before the BIG GAME (Cal vs. Stanford) rally I believe. Yum.

A Thai House dessert (fried bananas and ice cream...and apparently a cashew and two raisins). I'm really not a fan of fried bananas. I've given it several chances too. I just like raw bananas.

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