Friday, January 2, 2009

Sakura-Chaya's Holy Roller - Fresno, CA

* Please note: I do love the other food items here!!

Groooossss! I was excited to try something new the other day, but this was just nasty. Not the nastiest--but definitely gross. The menu's description says the Holy Roller is "shrimp, avocado, gratin, soy sauce, black pepper in communion; put inside an avocado shell topped with tobiko and cheese mix then baked." Sounded interesting, but it wasn't. There was hardly any shrimp in there, the "cheese mix" was overwhelming, and I felt like I was eating a bunch of fat (it was mostly avocado and mayonnaise). I don't even think that stuff had any cheese in it. Who knows?

AND it was freaking $10.95. Disgusting. I like or love their other dishes though!

690 E Nees Ave
The 'No

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