Saturday, March 14, 2009

Double "Stuf" Chocolate Creme Oreos

*Hey! I just noticed that they wrote "Stuf" instead of "Stuffed"! I wonder what the reasoning behind that was (maybe it makes it seem like a friendlier, more informal product). I also really like how you can reseal Oreo bags now!! I remember not finishing bags when I was little because they got stale really fast (guess we should have put them in plastic bags or something).

It might seem weird that I've started taking pictures of and blogging about really common food products, but in the future, things might be dramatically different, and you or I might want to know someday what Oreos looked like in 2009. :) Plus, people from other countries might be curious about American products. Packaging designs are artwork are also pretty interesting to me.

Whoa...the cookies even say "Double Stuf Oreo":

At my daycare, we used to roll the creme centers into balls before eating them. Really unsanitary, considering how dirty our hands must have been.

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