Friday, May 29, 2009

Golden Curry Sauce With Vegetables

Consumed on 4/14/09

[Edit:] Daniel says that he always adds other foods to these instant curries. My parents and brother do that too. I'll do it next time. haha

This was my first time making curry (well, I was still cheating; this wasn't from scratch) on my own. Hmm...pretty easy...but nothing amazing. Good for being a just-heat-me-up kind of thing.
* For Cheri & Gail: "Heat that up!"* It woulda been better if I had added fresh potatoes. Got this at...hmm...I really don't remember. How sad! Somewhere in Berkeley though...and it must have been on sale.

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Daniel D said...

Boxed curry is all about the ingredients you add one the side! I always add onions, potatoes, carrots, chicken, and raisins (topping). The last thing might sound strange but trust me, it's delicious! Try it! This will be the only cooking tip I can ever, ever rightfully give lol.