Sunday, July 26, 2009

Healthy Blueberry-Grape Smoothie

More smoothies! This one is my healthiest yet.

It was just made of ice, non-fat milk, non-fat yogurt (plain), frozen blueberries, and grapes.

Then I watched Giada De Laurentiis make an espresso frappe (going to try that someday!!) and decided to try her scraping method on the healthy smoothie pictured above by freezing it completely and then scraping it up like a wannabe granita until it was like a snow cone (you don't always need an ice-shaving machine!).

Ummm...why is the image sideways?

Does anyone know how to fix this? It happens to me once in awhile, and I end up just notposting the sideways pictures.

Anyway, it was really good despite its lack of sugar and fat, and my grandparents were confused as to how I made it come out like this. hehe

I could try making this and adding vanilla ice cream. Shaved ice + ice cream is sooo good. Had some at Reedley's obon last night, actually.

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