Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Love Bakesale Betty

Bakesale Betty's
5098 Telegraph Avenue
(Southeast corner of Telegraph & 51st)
Oakland, CA
Website here
I took better pictures the last time I went there (click here to see them). This time, Mina Y. and I shared a fried chicken sandwich (plenty!) and got cookies, etc. I asked for a box of eight randomly-chosen pastries + a box of four randomly-chosen pastries (each, however, with one pecan cookie haha), and the really nice lady gave me two extra cookies in the four-pastry box and a free lemon ice drink! She was so generous. I knew that they gave out full baked goods as free samples, but I wasn't expecting to receive three freebies.

Hmm...I do have to say that I don't really like the cookies that I've tried. The brownie isn't to-die-for either. I do really like that pecan cookie, the lemon ice, and their fried chicken sandwiches though. You can tell a lot of other people like this place because there is always a line out the door. Here are some more reviews on Yelp.

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