Monday, December 21, 2009

Rafiqi's + Union Square Holiday Market in NYC

Rafiqi's food looked, smelled, and tasted so good. Mom & I saw a bunch of these food stands (and others serving different kinds of food) everywhere along the streets of Manhattan. The guy who sold us roasted peanuts said that he was open 24/7. Makes sense...people come out of Broadway shows and other kinds of entertainment late at night.

What did we get @ Rafiqi's? A shawarma of some kind. Beef? Lamb! I think so.... Pretty sad that I can't remember for sure.

Anyway, we shared that after getting off of a bus from the Bronx area just as we entered a street fair in Union Square (see pics below). Reminded me of a Berkeley street fair...but way better and with more people, vendors, and decorations.


Right after we got the shawarma, we walked through this area and briefly looked at some artwork. After I took one of the pictures below, one of the artists got mad at told me not to take picture of his work--even though I wasn't doing that. haha! Luckily, he was satisfied when I told him (truthfully) that I was just taking general pictures of the entire event.

Here's the area I liked the best (sorry...not a huge art fan):

I had to buy one of these cookies (such unique flavor combinations!) even though they were $2.00 each (yikes):

I went with the Kashmir (Earl Grey, smoked almonds, & chocolate cookie), but I didn't like the Earl Grey part of it. What was I thinking? I wasn't. I shoulda gone with the pretzel one or the one not described on the sign that had Vietnamese coffee in it. Oops. Anyway, here is the Kashmir, which I photographed later at home:

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