Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chocolate Crush [almond] Pocky Sticks

I can't believe I haven't done a post on regular Pocky sticks. Well, this link will have to do for now: See pictures here. They have funny/weird Pocky commercials here too.

These almond-covered sticks are good! I still like the original best, and I probably always will, although the green tea , pumpkin, and "Men's Chocolate"/dark chocolate (lol) ones made me very happy.

My co-workers really like the original Pocky sticks and have asked where to get them. You can get them at Japanese or Asian grocery stores (R-N Market...Central Fish Co., Mitsuwa, etc.) UC Berkeley's on-campus food places (haha! Shows how many Asians there are). I got these almond ones at Central Fish, a favorite for local Japanese-Americans (well, Asians in general...and there's a lot of Mexican foods there too. Regular Pocky sticks are usually around $1.99, but I've seen them for more and, occasionally, on sale for cheaper. They don't always have cool flavors, by the way. Big places like Mitsuwa do though!

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