Friday, July 30, 2010

Pink's ... + Jane Lynch! Before the Glee Concert

5.22.10 with Mom and Auntie Jill in Universal City's City Walk before the GLEE concert (We met up with Ashley later)

This was an extra cool eating experience because Jane Lynch was shooting an online Nike commercial nearby, so we watched (and even joined!) that after we ate. All you had to do was step into the big circle/ring area, wear a free Nike shirt that they gave people, and you were in the commercial.

*Not the original*

I got a mushroom w/ swiss (not the greatest, but it was good) & my mom got a Chicago polish dog (see receipt below):

And there she is (Jane Lynch, who currently plays Sue Sylveter on Glee): case you're wondering, this is the inside of my dog:

...and this is the inside of Mom's Chicago-style dog (looks gross with those round things in the middle):

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