Sunday, August 22, 2010

Revue's Blended Mexican Mocha

Revue Cafe
620 E Olive Ave

Fresno, CA 93728

16-oz blended Mexican mocha: $3.75

Saw my old apartmentmate, Kurtis, at Revue the other day (8/19/10). That was the first time I went there, so I did a little research and found on Yelp that this place has good cappuccinos and "the best damn Americanos in Fresno." I was going to get an Americano because I love those, and if they're "damn" good, obviously I should try it. BUT...I got suckered into taking a gamble and trying something new: a blended Mexican mocha. I'm glad I did. I like spicy chocolate, although it did have an extra unexpected flavor that both Kurtis and I noticed: Almond extract. Hmmm. I'd prefer to not have that flavor, but the drink was still good, and I'd definitely go back to try other things. I should have asked about the drinks like Susan's Special and Borgia Mocha. Oh! One complaint is that my drink wasn't blended well. I had to deal with chunks of ice, so I used a spoon. That wasn't so bad though because I like spooning out blended drinks.

The Tower District is kind of like the Berkeley district of Fresno. Kinda dirty...not safe at night...full of interesting people and unique places. Anyway, this place reminded me a lot of my Berkeley workplace's first office. The paint was a similar red, and there were old/antique-y things on the walls. I should have taken more pictures. I'm not the best at describing complex places. Picture a kind of laid-back place where grungy-looking middle-aged-and-older men walk in with either BO or dirty clothes or both...where homosexual couples aren't frowned upon (yay!)...where girls with dyed black hair and crazy makeup feel comfortable...where college-aged kids like Kurtis and me can hang out and talk about how much the place reminds us of Berkeley. lol That make sense? Oh--but the people we saw weren't like scary Berkeley hobos. The guys sitting in the place helped a lady coming in and out of the door with her wheelchair, which I thought was very sweet.


Catherina said...

Mmm yummy, it's always a struggle for me to choose between Teazers and the Revue when I go to Tower. At the Revue though, I end up getting their chocolate milk (coffee makes my stomach hurt) and it is soooo good. I don't know if it's because someone else is making it for me or whatever kind of mix they use or frothiness but it's yummy, a nice alternative.

Corriendo said...

ooo good chocolate milk. i'm afraid to buy sweet drinks in general (i was even afraid to try the mexican mocha) because they're usually too sweet for me, but good choc milk sounds good! oo and frothy things are awesome!