Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Heart Sushi (Restaurant)

I [heart/Love] Sushi
465 W Shaw Ave
Clovis, CA 93612

August something, 2010

Clovis: The hometown of Glee star, Chris Colfer. HECK YEAH! Haha!
A friend of mine quoted a comedian the other day and said something like this: "Clovis: Where the people are white and the street signs are brown." HAHA! Hopefully that doesn't offend any of my readers. It's kinda true--definitely true about the street signs! This friend and I love people of all ethnicities, by the way. It was just a funny joke about a town close to our hometown. Anyway, I went here with Tiffany one time and got a seaweed salad without anything in it, and then I came this time with Tiffany and Kim. Isn't this button cool? I think more American restaurants should have it. I'd only seen it in Japan before this day.

The food is pretty good here, but I've only had one roll, a piece of another roll, and a plain seaweed salad.

Now what did I order? Something with masago (those tiny orange eggs on top), obviously...oh! It was covered with tiny pieces (yea...thumbs down) of salmon, and inside was shrimp tempura and cream cheese? Wow. That doesn't sound right. Well, I usually only get rolls with any of the following in them: unagi, masago, shrimp tempura (not naked shrimp), cooked or raw salmon, spicy tuna (not plain tuna), avocado, cucumber, chicken (yea--some places sell chicken rolls), yellow tail, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. This might have been that cream cheese and salmon roll I took a chance on. I don't really like that combo (I tried it on UC Berkeley's campus, where they sell sushi and all kinds of Asian food in exchange for meal points, Cal1 card credit, and money), but I thought I should give it another try.

Sorry for not being sure about which roll this was. It's harder to remember things and take notes on food when I'm with friends with whom I want to talk!


hapa_boy said...


I LOVE i <3 sushi...usually my friends from work and I go there every so often. I think one of my favorite rolls is the James Dean roll...I don't really remember what's in it, but it's mighty tasty. As for Cream Cheese in sushi, I find it to be a great way to add a little sweatness to the sushi without taking away from the other ingredients...


Corriendo said...

i'm glad you love it. haha yea...cream cheese i just can't get used to, although i do see why others would like it--especially with raw salmon. thanks for the comment! now i really want sushi! lol