Monday, March 21, 2011

Limón Peruvian Cuisine - Fresno, CA

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DELICIOUS!! I found a new favorite dinner place in Fresno! My parents had been there before with friends and raved about how good it was, but I actually decided to try it later once I found out that the family of this adorable preschooler (from work) owned it. I knew that the family was really sweet (and their daughter is SO cute), so I just had to take Blake there as soon as I could. Last December (2010) I talked with the preschooler's mom about eating at Limón, and then I took Blake there two days later. Soo, so good. Top-quality food. Blake thought it was all delicious too--especially the empanadas. And the TRUFFLE OIL mac 'n' cheese. MMMm.. Must go back!

Empanada Don Walter (Appetizer): "Pastry filled with sautéed beef, olives, onions, eggs, raisins and served with rocoto cream sauce." Um....We could have eaten about 10 more of these and still not been satisfied. :)

Pollo Latino: "Pan-roasted chicken breast served over a Dijon mustard sauce and truffle infused 'Mac & Cheese'": Those are sweet potato chips on top. Oh man. Blake and I love truffle mac 'n' cheese now. Truffle oil is so, soo good.

Lomo Saltado: "Traditional Peruvian dish of sliced top sirloin sautéed with soy sauce, onions, tomatoes and fries, served with a side of rice."
I was not expecting a dish with fries to be considered "traditional," but whatever! This was just the right size for me, and the sauce was really good. I wish I could offer you better details, but honestly this was from December, and I didn't take notes. Dang...

Chocolate Bandido: "Chocolate flourless cake with vanilla ice cream and mix berries coulis."
We took our desserts home, but they were both still delicious even after sitting in take-out boxes for a little bit. The chocolate cake was extra good and rich when I reheated it.


Helado [de fresas - Strawberry ice cream]: "Homemade tropical Peruvian ice cream: Lucuma, Mango, Guanabana Chirimoya and Strawberry.": Somehow the ice cream stayed intact through the ride home. It was so tasty and refreshing. Would love to have more of their homemade ice cream!!

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