Friday, March 25, 2011

Teazer World Tea Market - River Park Location

Teazer World Tea Market (aka Teazer)
River Park location (pictured below): 115 Paseo Del Centro, Fresno, CA 93720
Tower District location:
645 E. Olive Ave., Fresno, CA 93728
Downtown Fresno location:
2405 Capitol Street, Fresno, Ca 93721
Website here.

This place is packed almost every time I get tea here, so this time I was excited to FINALLY take pictures of the inside (I can't take pictures of food places or food when a lot of people are watching or can be in the pictures unintentionally). I love, love their decorations. It has a very East Asian/South Asian (Indian, to be specific) atmosphere, which I love (just like how I love the things World Market sells). Now I just need pictures of their Downtown location. See pictures of their Tower District location here. Pictures of their drinks to come! Oh...and let's not forget to mention how awesome their tea drinks are! I prefer light flavors, so my favorites are Lychee black tea (China Beauty, which doesn't actually taste like lychee, thank goodness), Monk's blend (a mix of black tea, vanilla, and grenadine + cream, honey, & vanilla...but I also just like the tea without the added cream), and and kind of black or white tea LIGHTLY sweetened. They only use honey and sugar as sweeteners--no artificial sweeteners, which people request often. They also do NOT sell boba. They sell high-quality fine teas for high prices, but it's because of the quality. I highly recommend Teazer. If you're not a huge tea fan, you can get a mixed tea drink (the most popular drinks include Malibu Kiss, cherry lemon teazer, and the Honolulu). Honestly, I am not a fan of the Honolulu because it's really strong on the flavor and too sweet, but that's just me. LOTS of people love that drink.

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