Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grape Stomping @ Ficklin Vineyards

Ficklin Vineyards
30246 7.5 Avenue (Yes... 7 1/2)
Madera, CA 93637
Website here.

I did this with my mom and I did this WAY back in 2009, and I just never blogged about it until now. Part of the reason was laziness, and the rest was the fact that I was waiting for the wine that all of the stomping created to come out. Well, it did come out in December-ish of last year (2010), and yet I am only now posting about it. My bad. Soooo here are a few pictures!

Me stepping on grapes and probably a zillion spiders and other bugs. You just can't think about that.

 It was like a big party. People of all ages were stomping, and everyone seemed to be having a blast. First, they rinse off your legs. Then you stomp/dance to Michael Jackson songs. Then they rinse you off again. Then you eat a yummy lunch buffet and enter possible names for the wine that all of this stomping ended up producing. The winning name? TOE-Riga (the type of grapes stomped was Touriga, and we stomped the grapes with our toes...haha). The final product is below. I'm not a fan of red wine (I've tried many times, and I'll keep on trying to like it), so you can't really ask me what I think. Mom said that it's sweet (it's a dessert wine). What a cool experience!

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